Driving Directions to Hi Mountain Lookout

You must make arrangements with us prior to driving up. Please email us at info@condorlookout.org and we'll get right back to you. Also, you will need enough auto clearance to cross a creek with about 10 inches of water (most times of the year). The Lookout is appx 60 minutes drive from San Luis Obispo. Please drive safely.

1. Take US 101 from north or south to Santa Margarita/Hwy 58 exit.

2. Drive through Santa Margarita and follow HWY 58 east toward Pozo (right at railroad tracks).

3. Continue on HWY 58 until it forks toward Santa Margarita Lake. Take the right fork which is W. Pozo Rd. and continue on W. Pozo until you reach Hi Mountain Rd. (just before Pozo Saloon). There is a US Forest Service station to your left just as you turn onto Hi Mountain Rd. Allow appx 30 min. from Santa Margarita.

4. Stay on Hi Mountain Rd., it will become a graded dirt road, cross a creek, and begin to climb up toward the Lookout. Use extreme caution and drive slow, many mountain bikers and OHV’s use this road.

5. Before you reach Hi Mountain Campground, the road forks. Take the right fork and continue up the hill. The left fork takes you down to Arroyo Grande.

6. Appx 1.5 miles above the campground you will reach another split in the road, the USFS gate to your left is the Lookout entrance.

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