Monday, December 12, 2011

Hi Mtn. workday Dec. 11th

Hello all,
Eight of us put in a full workday at the lookout Saturday. An unrelenting
northeasterly -offshore- wind blew throughout the day from 20-35 mph, with a
maximum wind gust of 45 mph. Great visibility towards the coast and coastal
mountains south into the Santa Barbara backcountry. Two Red-tailed hawks hovered
into the wind throughout the day, hunting near the lookout. It was nice to make
a visit this time of the year and see the fall colors -oaks and sycamores -
along the drive up Hi Mountain Rd. and a spectacular showing of Toyon
-'Christmas Berry'- shrubs in bright color mixed in across the wooded slopes.

Marcelle, Kevin, and Joel updated the condor radiotracking frequencies, Chris
worked on repairs to the WeatherElement online weather station, Dave and Joel
dug away the slumping soil around the new post gate, Kevin repaired the roof to
the kiosk, Dave began installing the 12-volt display lights in the glass case
and I worked on organizing the recently purchased educational activities and
supplies for kids. We put in some time discussing and planning for the year
ahead, especially with the upcoming establishment of a condor supplemental
feeding/release site nearby in San Luis Obispo County.

Photos of the Dec. 11th workday event are posted at our Hi Mountain Lookout
facebook page...take a look at the last 14 photos in the "Workdays at the
Lookout" photo album.

Steve Schubert