Friday, August 26, 2011

Last intern update

Hello Everyone!
We just finished our last week up at Hi Mountain on Wednesday! We ended the year
with all of the interns up at the lookout for the last few days together. It was
a little squished with all 6 of us hanging out in the lookout but we were in
great company.
I will keep this update short as I am sure most of you will be up at the lookout
for open house. We will be rehashing our research experiences up there for all
to hear!
We got some great pictures on our wildlife camera this week including a
California Thrasher, Gray Fox and a Black Bear (that somewhat resembled
sasquatch, it had just rolled around in the creek and was soaking wet)! Grace
should be emailing out pictures soon.
Final P. boylii count: 10 speciminesFinal Dipodomes spp. count: 4 specimines
We are now working on entering/correcting data which will take a couple of
Thank you all for reading the updates this summer and I hope to see you all at
open house!