Friday, August 19, 2011

Field Research Projects

Hello all,
This morning Los Padres wildlife biologist Kevin Cooper and I accompanied two of
the Hi Mountain Cal Poly student interns 2.5 miles along the Trout Creek trail
to one of their study plots within the Garcia Mountain Wilderness Area in Los
Padres National Forest. Ashley and Natalie checked the 15 small mammal
live-trapping stations within the study plot and came up with two newly captured
Brush Mice and one recaptured, ear-tagged Pinyon Mouse (what big ears they
have!). The interns weighed, recorded body length, tail and ear measurements,
ear-tagged and released the mice, then moved on to the next set of live-traps
within the study plot. Kevin and I enjoyed watching the interns at work,
observing the field techniques and their enthusiasm for the rigors of field work
-making long hikes in rough terrain to set up the live-traps in the evening and
rechecking the traps again early the next morning. We appreciate the efforts of
all the 5 student interns and volunteers working at Hi Mountain Lookout this

I posted photos of today's outing at the Hi Mountain Lookout Facebook page, at<https://www.f\
A nice view of Hi Mountain Lookout was seen on the summit in the distance.

Steve Schubert