Saturday, May 21, 2011

ield trip to Hi Mtn. Lookout

Hello all,
Photos from the 'Condor Country' field trip to the lookout May 21st are posted
at the Hi Mountain Lookout facebook page:!/pages/Hi-Mo\

10 participants, including much appreciated assistance from volunteers Joel
Weiss, Marcelle Bakula and Carolina Van Stone...thank-you!

eBird report:
Location: Hi Mountain-- Hi Mountain Lookout
Observation date: 5/21/11
Notes: Cuesta College Community Programs 'Condor Country' van field trip to
Hi Mountain Lookout; S. Schubert, instructor. Light to moderate N winds, high
scattered cirrus-cirrostratus clouds, afternoon temp. upper 60's.
Birding observations from the lookout vicinity and Hi Mtn. Lookout Rd to the
gate; observer: S. Schubert
Number of species: 11

Mountain Quail X 'whook' calls
Turkey Vulture X
Band-tailed Pigeon 1 in flight near lookout
Mourning Dove X
Ash-throated Flycatcher X vocalizing, flying and perching among shrubs
near lookout
Western Scrub-Jay X
Bewick's Wren X vocalizing
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher X vocalizing
Wrentit X vocalizing
California Thrasher X vocalizing
Spotted Towhee X vocalizing