Sunday, February 21, 2010

A memoriam for Don Parham

Hello all,
A memoriam for Don Parham can be read at<about:blank> Don was involved with the
early years of the peregrine falcon monitoring and management efforts at Morro
Rock and Huff's Hole in SLO CO. He was instrumental in the establishment of the
Audubon Overlook and Sweet Springs Nature Preserve and the protection of the
Carrizo Plain, now a National Monument.

Don Parham was one of the founders of the peregrine falcon nest watch conducted
by Morro Coast Audubon Society volunteers from Hi Mountain Lookout, for several
years in the late 1970's. Don was President of MCAS when he recommended me for
the Forest Service position of peregrine falcon nest guard at Huff's Hole, below
Hi Mountain Lookout, in 1978.

Don attended our 10-year Hi Mountain Lookout Project anniversary event, among
family and friends, and we enjoyed listening to his recollections of days gone
by. He will be greatly missed.

Steve Schubert