Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hi Mtn. gate installations

Hello all,

This past summer and fall culminated four years of planning, obtaining approval,
purchasing and installation of the two new security gates located near the
lookout on Hi Mountain Road. Generous donations from several individuals, the
Morro Coast Audubon Society Board of Directors, and the recent fundraising
'Condor Benefit' event at Saucelito Canyon Winery made possible the $4,800 in
costs for purchases of the two gates, backhoe rental fee for two days,
contractor labor, concrete mix and other supplies used in construction and
installation. Time and labor on the project were also provided by Dave Berry,
Tom Murphey, Kevin Cooper, and Steve Schubert.

Following are excerpts from a message by Dave Berry, whose energetic and
enthusiastic volunteer efforts made the final stages of the gate installations

Steve,Dennis Byrnes and I worked on the lower gate horse step over and side panel. Weare both members of the Toyota Land Cruiser Association(T.L.C.A.)Dennis bought a 5 or 6 ft piece of pipe.... the rest of the pipe came from theForest Service. At his shop he used his wire feed welder and a lot ofwelding wire. The pipe was cut with his plasma cutter. Dennis also loaned usthe cement mixer for the upper gate. I took a total of six trips to Hi Mtn.,1st with Tom Murphey to plan the gate and two days to install the lower gate. Itook three trips up to Hi Mtn. with my 1 1/2 ton flatbed truck. Once totake measurements with the pipe panels mocked up, second to haul and install thecompleted panels for the lower gate, the third time tocarry the gate, water, gravel and cement for the upper gate.Dave