Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sociable Hermits: A Story of Lookouts by Matt Geer

This is actually just a 10 min trailer for a video documentary that I’m not sure ever got made. When I was an intern at Hi Mt. in the summer of 2002, Matthew Geer came up for a visit. He was shooting scenes for this movie and wanted to use the Hi Mt. Lookout as an example of a vandalized and disfunctional Lookout site. At the time, we had just barely begun the restoration process at Hi Mt, and there are a few good shots of the interior of the Lookout and the West wall before Anthony’s mural was painted. Also in this video are interviews with Kathy Ball and some magnificent aerial video of the famous Buck Rock Lookout. Hope you enjoy this, and thanks to Matthew Geer for putting this together and sending me the VHS tape. -Paul