Sunday, October 14, 2007

October Report

It was another beautiful day at the Lookout on Saturday. Fall is my favorite time of the year on the Central Coast….Everything smelled fresh and the river was still passable….It was foggy when John & I arrived in the early AM …. pretty chilly for us “coastal” folks but when it cleared mid morning, you could see storm clouds moving up the Carrizo, the Pacific was steel blue…and it felt nice & warm out of the ever-present wind. I am so glad they invented “hooded sweatshirts”! Filled the bird feeders and had many “takers” (hummingbird feeders were empty, no surprise there) - On the way up we saw a spike buck, a coyote and a large covey of quail. I tracked mainly Pinnacles birds as usual, throughout the day but caught signals from several Ventana condors over in Pinnacles’ direction…(7 total birds were out and about despite the weather!)

Only one set of visitors this day….and on the way down, Pozo was having a loud “concert”. So glad to come home to the good news about lead ammo billl being signed…