Sunday, March 25, 2007

Lookout Report

I just wanted to let everyone know that the wildflowers have begun!  The bush lupines and madrone are blossoming so the Lookout area is abuzz  with bees, & hummingbirds…
Last week, after a brief Condor talk around their campfire at Hi  Mtn. Campground, the Lookout was visited by a group of Boy Scouts from Paso Robles. (Along with mountain bikers, runners (this one pushing a baby in a jogging stroller from Rinconada Trailhead), off-roaders picnicing at our picnic table and a Cal Poly student who hadn’t been back since 1978!) Tracked several Pinnacle birds & a Ventana bird over at the
Pinnacles area - the Coast was socked in w/ fog but the view was still spectacular w/ several peaks sticking up from the white, soft blanket. Sincerely hoping that some of you will attend the VOLUNTEER TRAINING
(or send someone you know who will LOVE being in that magical place - we’re really SHORT on volunteers these days…)
*May 12th* - Contact Steve Schubert, Hi Mtn Volunteeer Coordinator.

Volunteer, Hi Mtn Lookout