Friday, November 10, 2006

Condors on KSBY TV

Tonight on the news Anchorwoman Wendy Thies aired her onsite interviews
and reported on the recent California Condor release at Bitter Creek
National Wildlife Refuge. The 5 minute news ‘exclusive’ was well-done
with a very good overview of the history of the condor recovery program
and the efforts there at Bitter Creek refuge. Our own Hi Mtn. volunteer
Marcelle Bakula also attended the release that day and made a written
report previously to this listserv.
This condor news segment will be repeating on KSBY-tv news airing
tonight -Nov. 10th - at 11pm. Wendy Thies also interviewed staff and
volunteers covering the Hi Mountain Lookout Project on KSBY-tv news in
June of 2005. We appreciate the news coverage.
Steve Schubert