Sunday, October 29, 2006

10-22-06 Condor Sighting

Last weekend, Oct. 21-22, I was at the lookout and received insane signals east of the lookout. I searched with my binos but no sign. So on Sunday, I thought maybe, just maybe I would see that bird. So on Sunday morning when I did the telemetry I did not recieve any signals…needless to say I was disappointed & thought I must have missed the bird. So I went about my daily activities and about 10:50 I was saying goodbye to a group of bikers, when out of the corner of my eye I saw something flying high above the lookout. So I ran upstairs grabbed my binos and sure enough there was a condor headingeast!!! I grabbed the telonix and of course it was the bird I was tracking on late saturday afternoon. The bird soared for about 6 min then it dropped below the ridge. At this point I lost visual but still picked up signals, the bird continued flying northwest, the signals
remained stong for roughly 10 minutes, then I started getting weaker signals until finally I lost the signal at 12:30. Although I only saw this amazing bird from a distance with my binos it was a wonderful experience I will never forget.