Monday, September 4, 2006

Last Weekend at Hi Mountain

So this past weekend was the end of my intern and as I drove away I left part of my summer behind. I would just like to say that Hi Mtn was an amazing opportunity and I’m so glad that I was able to partake in it. Ever since my first time to the lookout (fall 2005), I loved the views, the wilderness, and the actual lookout. This summer was a< blast! I’ve met a lot of really interesting/cool people. Whether it was condor biologists or condor visitors or just a drive by visitor, they all will be remembered as one of the best summers in my life. no joke.
I must say, even though I didn’t see any condors from the lookout, going to Hopper and Ventana reassured that what we did at Hi Mtn was an important part of the recovery program.
Highlights of Hi Mtn:
Bobcats running up the road, coyote at the base of the mtn, deer, poorwills at night, baby quail, dense fog setting of the smoke alarm, sitting in the rain collection tank because of the very hot weather, a hummingbird perched on the antenna while I was scanning for condors, hummers in the lookout, my dogs chasing each other around the outside of the lookout, the domestic cat, now named Condi and is doing well at the CP Cat Shelter, rattlesnake that Marcelle almost stepped on during orientation. That’s all I can think about for now.
Hi Mtn. and the experiences that came with it, will always be something I will never forget. As I head back to the East Coast for a mini vacation before school, I can’t wait to tell my family about condors and tell them my summer stories. I look forward to going back to Hi Mtn as much as possible and can’t wait for Open House.