Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Lookout News

Hi all
Over this past weekend, Julie, Emily and I went to visit the condors and condor crew up in Ventana. We had an incredible time! First of all… Big thanks to Jim, who spent three days with us, showing us everything, Jess, Sayre, and James. You all were awesome! I look forward to working with you all
again some time! Jim took us out along the coast to track some birds. We got to see some condors feeding at one of the feed sites on a hill and saw bird #164 at one of the coves. Later in the day, we drove out to the base camp in the Ventana backcountry to stay two nights. The backcountry was absolutely gorgeous! We saw bobcat run along the road and some incredible views of the coastline. Our time at base camp was filled with some work and a whole lot of fun. Yes, the work was fun! Jim let us help take… um, condor food… down to a feeding site. More fun than it sounds, really. We also helped paint the base camp cabin in leafy camoflauge. Unfortunatley, there were no birds around the cabin, but we had a great time anyway!

We came back from our Big Sur excursion on Sunday afternoon. On Monday morning, Julie and I were at the lookout bright and early. It was surprisingly cool and cloudy, with a little bit of rain! Julie and I tracked several Ventana birds that had been visiting Hopper as they moved north. It was quite exciting to get some strong 360 degree signals (but no visuals) from some of the birds.
Good times all around this week! Have a great one everybody!
~Jamie Miller
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