Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Big Birds and Little Birds

Since our lookout carries an avian theme it’s not suprising their are 3 hummingbird feeders stocked with daily fresh sugar water. The result is 25 to 30 Anna’s Allen’s and Rufous Hummers hanging out at
the lookout,with 4-6 at a time at the feeders. A pecking order based on age and bravado determines the right to feed. While tracking a condor last week ( visiting from Big Sur) the juvenile hummingbirds
would sit on my telemetry antenae while I scan the horizon with it and wait their turn for the feeders. The whole scene is a rather bizarre way to sum up the incredible diversity in birds. I wonder how many
hummingbirds could sit on the back of a conder and hitch a free migration ride. They might need it when all of the devoted Cal Poly interns go back to school. Speaking of courage, the California
Thrasher requires a very special chaparral habitat, which could threaten its poulations as habitat shrinks. Every week I observe the Thrasher’s quest to visit our bird seed feeder (he’s almost their !
and its time for him to learn to adapt, his latest issues were with a Mourning Dove and a half grown bunny ! See you next week!