Tuesday, July 19, 2005

July 17-19

Hello Everyone,
This week was just as exciting as the last. Aside from receiving
signals on multiple birds this weekend, we also trapped for mammals
and had a wonderful time. The weather just keeps getting hotter and
hotter. We have to fill the birdbath up almost three times a day.
There is a California Towhee who is very ritualistic about his evening
bath. The reptiles have been very active in the heat and a couple of
Whiptails make their daily rounds around the lookout. They seem to be
doing circles around us. The baby finches on the corner of the
lookout should be fledging any day now. I always look forward to
their first flight. They usually just make it to the large coffee
berry bush and jump around in there for a while before venturing any
further. Summer is definitely now in full swing. Still hope to see
some of you up there this summer. Until then enjoy your summer,
Julie Messer