Wednesday, July 13, 2005

July 10th, 11th and 12th

Hello Everyone,
Yet, another beautiful weekend at the Hi Mountain Lookout. This weekend was very exciting because we received signals from birds that we haven’t received yet this summer. It is always neat
to think that new birds are in the area. The weather this week was spectacular! For the first time
this summer the fog was lifted from the beach and we could see down to the Guadalupe dunes. With such fair weather we had some new visitors. We even encountered a conscientious hunter who supported non-lead bullets. It was wonderful to meet people who care about the cause.

This week we also had the opportunity to meet Hand Crew 7 down at Pozo Ranger Station. They are a great bunch of hard working boys who helped clear the overgrown trail down to Hi Valley so we
can Hike down there with ease. They were grateful to come back to a box of cookies we had waiting for them when they finished. A hawk has been frequenting the lookout recently and has Jamie, Greg, and I baffled. We have thought on different occasions that it is a juvenile Red Tail, a Rough Legged, or a Swainsons, the later two of which do not commonly occur in this area. We will have
to get a closer look. The past three days were some of the best yet at the lookout and we all look forward to more beautiful days of summer at the lookout. 

Hope to see some of you visit soon,
Julie Messer
Hi Mountain Intern