Thursday, September 2, 2004

Hi notes

It’s been eons since I posted the happenings at Hi Mountain Lookout…even though I still make my weekly visits to paradise! Yesterday was an especially unusual day, however, and needs to be
shared! On my usual morning walk down the road from the lookout, I stopped to look at a covey of California Quail through my binoculars and what should meander into my field of view but a Mountain Lion! And she was much closer than binoculars warrented! Not having encountered any Mountain Lions in the past, I wasn’t sure if I should try to scare her away, sneak away, or just watch. I decided on the later and was rewarded with 10 minutes of observation as she strolled down the road, sat down a couple of times and just seemed to be enjoying the view towards Huff’s Hole. Gradually she became aware of me and I could see her body language change as she became more wary (kind of the way I was feeling for the last 10 minutes!). She got up from her sitting position and began to lope away down the road. She seeemed to float on the air, her movements were so fluid and effortless. Such a beautiful sight…I was spellbound! It’s been a great summer sharing the lookout with the Cal Poly Interns and volunteers. The Condors have been regular visitors to Hi Mountain for a couple of months now (although they haven’t favored the middle of the week when I’m there!). Jeremy, Ali, Jenn, Amy and Joel have had great views of up to 8 Condors at a time…and mostly on the weekends! Visitors are always welcome and you may be lucky enough to see Condors or Hi Mountain Lions!