Thursday, October 2, 2003

Hi Notes

Once again, I have about 3 weeks to catch up on. But to get right to
the Really Good Stuff…Yesterday after picking up signals from two
birds; OR209, a 4 1/2 year old male and W231, a 3 1/2 year old
female, and tracking them for about two hours, suddenly the signals
were coming from every direction, loud and strong. I frantically
looked for them with my binoculars but couldn’t find them. The
signals began to fade, along with my hopes. Then the signals came in
strong again and W231 flew right over my head as I stood on the cat-
walk of the lookout. I could read her wing tags!!! She was huge and
beautiful, white triangles under her wings and all. I can’t describe
the thrill of FINALLY seeing a Condor from the lookout!
Earlier that morning as I was out checking out the flora and fauna, I
saw a doe and her two fawns with a covey of Calif. Quail scurrying
around at their feet. I started to walk back up the road, then turned
around to take a picture, just in time to see a Bobcat meander across
the road behind them. Then a Northern Flicker circled around them and
flew off over the canyon. My reward for turning around breifly!
Speaking of flying, last week I watched a helicopter scour the
canyons and ridges to the East of the lookout for about two hours.
This week it was a small airplane…presumedly looking for evidence
of the pot farmers. Hi Mountain…hummmm.
And, speaking of Hi Mountain…looking forward to seeing many of you
this Saturday for all the festivies and great views of our beautiful
countryside. Come up and see what we are so fascinated with, week
after week!