Friday, October 10, 2003

Hi Notes

Following the very successful Open House Sat. Oct 4th, I again made the trip up to the lookout to check out the Condor activity. We weren’t treated to any sightings on Saturday, but, as Steve Schubert
reported, Y179, a 5 year old male Condor from the Ventana Wilderness area, made an appearance at Montano de Oro on Tuesday, Oct 7th. I didn’t pick up signals that evening from the lookout, but he headed
toward the lookout Wednesday afternoon. I kept receiving signals all afternoon, until he headed back toward the ocean and roosted somewhere to the West of the lookout, maybe MdO again. Any more
sightings, anyone? That same afternoon I began getting strong signals from W222, a 3 year old female, also from Ventana. The signals remained strong and FINALLY, at about 1830 I began getting ‘perching’ signals and so I headed back down the mountain. I checked for signals several times on my way home trying to pinpoint her location. I got a weak signal at the Santa Margarita Lake, Pozo Rd. junction.

Well, I couldn’t let it go there, so I began my first mobile tracking expedition Thursday morning. To make a long story short, I did locate her at Santa Margarita Lake circling near the ridge at the southern shore of the lake with some Turkey Vultures and at least one Golden Eagle. I didn’t actually see her numbered wing tag, but as the birds flew to the other side of the ridge her signal began fading. That was proof enough for me! She continued to head south toward the lookout until I lost her signal. I also learned that one needs to start with a full tank of gas, a full stomach and no commitments for the day!

Bye ’til next week,