Thursday, October 16, 2003

Cal Poly Mammalogy Trip To Hi Mt.

This last weekend, Oct. 10-12, mystical mammal man Dr. Villablanca and his mammoth Mammalogy class of nearly 60 students spent the weekend at Hi Mountain. The entire class stayed down the road and filled Hi Mountain Campground to capacity. Live traps were set Friday and Saturday night along Hi Valley trail, and at 3 locations around the Little Falls/Rinconada connector trail off Hi Mountain road. Species captured: Chaetodipus californicus (California pocket mouse), Reithrodontomys megalotus (Western Harvest mouse), Peromyscus californicus (Parasitic mouse), P. maniculatus (Deer mouse), P. boylii (Brush mouse), P. Truei (Pinyon mouse), Neotoma lepida (Desert woodrat), Urocyon cinereoargeneius (Gray fox).
Mike Tyner