Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Seeking info on original Hi Mountain Lookout

Hi to all the Hi Mountain Lookout folks,
As some of you may be aware, Hi Mountain Lookout has recently been nominated
to the National Lookout Register, which is the counterpart to the National
Historic Lookout Register for fire lookouts that are less than 50 years old. In
8 years, your lookout will automatically be transferred to the NHLR. A link
to the web pages of the NHLR follows my signature below. This nomination was
prepared by Buck Rock Foundation president and Forest Fire Lookout Association
(FFLA) director Kathy Ball.
As part of the research for the nomination, I was asked to provide what
historical data I had concerning Hi Mountain Lookout. Many years ago, I had
discovered that the current lookout was built in 1961, having replaced an
lookout that had been built in 1926. I have never able to get any absolute
confirmation as to which standard type of design was used for the original 1926
lookout. My question to you all is simply, is there a picture of the original
fire lookout on Hi Mountain anywhere? I have never seen one, but it is
possible that a picture has emerged from the USFS files somewhere along the way.
a picture could be located, scanned, and attached to an email to me, I could
then determine for certain what type of structure the original lookout had. It
is very likely that the original lookout was torn down in 1961 to make room
for the current lookout, so the picture would probably have to be at least that
The listing of the current lookout should not be held up for lack of the
information I am seeking, but historical information of this sort is always
included in the listing when available. (See other examples by following the
below). You all have done an outstanding job of rescuing this old fire lookout
and putting it to a wonderfully appropriate new use. It is my hope that at
least one of you may be able to help us make this listing as complete as
possible. A good place to start looking would be by contacting the Forest
folks you know to see if they can help locate a picture of the original
lookout. Thanks very much.
Dave Bula
Western Deputy Chairman, FFLA