Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Hi Notes

Notes for 8/4/03: Arrived at lookout at 0830 and immediately picked
up signal from OR204. This Condor must have been roosting not too far
from the lookout, perhaps near Huff’s Hole, as the signal was strong,
coming from the southwest. I received signals on and off from the
bird as it flew along the coast, heading in the direction of
Atascadero, until the signal was lost by 1430 in the afternoon. I
also picked up a very brief signal from Y216 south of the lookout,
but lost the signal within 5 minutes. This is a Hopper Mt. bird and I
am assuming it just took a quick trip in our direction and then flew
back home.
Notes from 8/11/03: No signals early in the morning, but picked
signals from two Hopper Mt. birds (W262 & Y213) in the early
afternoon. The signals were weak and lasted only about an hour, so
I’m guessing they flew toward the lookout for a bit and then headed
back home to Hopper Mt. The third bird that I heard from was W222, a
Ventana bird. This bird may have been with the Hopper Mt. birds, as
the signals were from the same general direction (South of the
lookout) and lasted only about an hour.
The weather has been pleasant with a nice breeze most of the day.
Temperatures range from the mid 60s in the morning to the mid 80s in
the afternoon. And as Mike Tyner reported, the Hummingbirds are
FLOCKING to the feeders! Have you ever seen two Hummers share a port
in a feeder? There were 9 birds on one feeder with some sharing
holes. VERY un-Hummingbird-like behavior!
Once again I observed a fire…this one was near Hwy 166 I think.
Lots of fire-suppressent bombers flying by the lookout most of the
day (one dipped it’s wings in a ‘hello’ as it flew by the lookout).
Bye for now,