Friday, August 15, 2003

August 12-14 at the lookout

 was at the lookout this week August 12-14th. On Tuesday I only
picked up two birds all day, or208 and or209 both to the southeast
towards the Sierra Madre ridge. I had signals overnight for 208 who
must have most likely been staying the night on the Madre. On
Wednesday I drove up Garcia Ridge road a few miles from the lookout
for some early morning signals. As predicted still had 208 towards
the Sierra Madre as I took signals and listening to a Canyon Wren’s
song. The same boulders the wren called home were also responsible
for not being able to get any further down the ridge as this rocky
section required something with a little more clearance then the
Subaru I was driving. The rest of the day was spent at the lookout
picking up or208, y216, y213, w255, and b167 all towards the Sierra
Madre. I had one birds to the northwest, or204, out towards Fort
Hunter Liggett. I continued to pick up this bird until Thursday when
the bird decided to take the trip south, according to the signal
strength and direction it was probably following the La Panzas.
Could you guess the birds ended up, of all places, towards the Sierra
Madre were I also picked up y213 earlier in the day.