Sunday, July 6, 2003

The Fruits of our Efforts

Greetings all,
Spent a beautiful, breezy 24hrs at the Lookout over the 4th with my sister Lisa, one of our new interns. We had some nice views of the Pismo fireworks on the 4th and four car loads of visitors up on the 5th (plus visits from Joe Lucero/USFS and Dr. Holland/CPBIO). I am so impressed with how the Lookout Project is evolving. With the tower all set up for research/living and the Visitor Center filling up with articles, notes, pictures, and all sorts of great stuff, the Lookout really feels like a functional research station and interp center. What an awesome transformation since last summer!!!!! The radio was squawking, telonix beeping, folks down in the visitor center, phones were ringing, and I couldn’t help but think how odd it was to be way out there and surrounded by all that activity.
Having a full time staff of interns, volunteers, and students really makes the place hum. Should be a great summer. I was just elated to see that the apricot tree next to the cistern is fruiting this summer. Just my luck that the free food arrives after I leave…yum…
I wonder if all the water in the cistern is helping this little tree out now. I always thought it originated in someone’s lunch years ago.
How could I ignore the symbolism as I tasted the sweet (but warm) fruit. The Lookout Project has grown into fruition too. Its been to watch it break dormancy, blossom and now……
Paul Andreano