Wednesday, July 2, 2003

June 26-30 at Hi Mt.

Hello everybody,
The past weekend was fairly busy with many visitors including the Central
California Biological Society. The group came on Saturday with Steve S. in the
morning and stayed through lunch. Lisa and I showed them around, talked
about Hi Mtn senior projects, and condor telemetry. Many tried their hand at
telemetry. Despite the hot weather we had many visitors of all kinds who’s
pictures will soon be posted on our web site thanks to Paul. Friday and
the Milky Way was very visible and an amazing site. Lisa and I put up a new
sign down by the gate to let people know we are open. We have been having waves
of different insects and the most numerous this weekend was the swallow tail
butterfly. Other wildlife sightings of interest this weekend at the lookout
were a skink, horned lizard, golden eagle, and nuttall’s woodpecker (landed on
the catwalk). Unfortunately we did not pick up a single condor the whole
weekend but feel that our luck will soon be changing. A highlight for us this
weekend was watching all of the hummingbirds around the feeders.
Holly Messer (intern)