Sunday, July 13, 2003

July 11-13

Hello all!
This weekend was fabulous! The weather was spectacular the the view was
breathtaking. We had 2 Big Sur birds on Sat…. boy do they move fast!
They made it from Big Sur out near Lion’s Canyon in a few hours….
We had plenty of visitors and everyone was in great spirits. There were
quite a few families and a lucky couple who got a babysitter and snuck
out of the house for a romantic dinner for two up on the
mountain….(sorry you guys had to share your alone time with us, but
it was nice to meet you!). We had a very smart young boy who rode up on
his motorcycle with his dad and I was impressed by his knowledge about
the local animals as well as his enthusiam…look out for this
one…I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of him in ecology related fields.
A Golden eagle perched on Huff’s hole for a few hours on Sat. but no
sight of him on Sunday.
It was a big weekend for Turkey Vultures, Swifts and there was hundreds
of Mud- Daubers all over the Milk weeds.
Hope to see you guys soon…