Wednesday, July 9, 2003

July 1 & 2: Fire on the Mountain!

As some of you may have saw in the newspaper we had a fire up here off of hi mountain road on Tuesday. Feeling proud to have spotted a fire from this old lookout and a little uneasy of how close it was I
reported the fire immediately to USFS dispatch and they and CDF were battling the blaze within minutes from both air and ground. Pictures of the fire should be on the lookout website in a week or two.

All in all the first of the month up at the lookout was quite comfortable. Highs hovered in the upper 70s and on Tuesday afternoon and I picked up weak signals from B-164, 167, & 171 to the southeast. At my estimation they must have been over in the cuyama valley area. Other highlights of the day was a gray fox walking down the road with some type of prey in it’s mouth, (it was close to where Kathleen had recently found a mourning dove nest), dove is very tasty if in fact it found the nest. Also on Tuesday a rare Purple Martin decided to fly by the lookout adding a new bird to out Lookout bird list. Wednesday was quiet and I spent a couple hours pulling yellow star thistle.