Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Hi notes

For Monday, July 14, 2003. I’ve come up short on Condor signals the last couple times at the lookout…but there is no shortage of other entertainging wildlife. Here’s a partial rundown: I watched a Turkey Vulture, two Red-tailed Hawks and 1 Golden eagle circling to the North of the lookout. Later in the afternoon, I saw the Golden Eagle again down toward Huff’s Hole, and, with Lisa’s account of an Eagle perched on one of the rock outcropings, I think that is probably what I saw as well. My binoculars couldn’t quite confirm it. Four House Finch nestlings are on the verge of fledging (located under the cat- walk grid of the lookout). On the road to the lookout I startled at least 3 coveys of Quail, one just below the lookout. Being the obsessive list keeper that I am, I counted an additional 22 species of birds from Pozo to the lookout (and a few that I wasn’t able to identify). The weather was pleasant (high of 90 degrees), and I’m happy to report that the bountiful flying bug collection has finally abated somewhat! The butterflies are still plentiful, however. (Is that discrimination regarding insects?!?)
Bye ’til next week…