Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Hi notes

For July 21, 2003: Again, no Condor signals all day. Instead, I was intertained all day by ‘birds’ even larger than a Condor; Whirlibirds! The Pozo Ranger Station and adjacent meadow became the staging area for no fewer than 4 helicoptors being used in the fight to control the Parkfield fire off Highway 58 and La Panza. With my binoculars I was able to follow them coming and going throughout the day.

The other large bird for the day was a Golden Eagle (I’m guessing the same one I saw last week) flying near Huff’s Hole again. In addition, I was lucky to see a family of Calif. Thrashers…I’m guessing two
adults and 4 fleglings (6 total, at any rate). The weather ranged from pleasant (78 degrees) to toasty (90 degrees), but with a pleasant breeze almost all day.
Bye ’til next week,