Sunday, June 8, 2003

Hi notes

Joan Carter and I (and pooch Mica) spent Wed. 6/4/03 at the lookout again this week. It was a dry hole as far as Condor signals went, so the only ‘bird news’ is that two House Finch babies have hatched in
one of the three nests that were built under the cat-walk grating of the lookout. We have a, hummmmm, birds-eye-view of the nests, as they are about 3 inches under our feet as we stand on the grating. It was about 75 degrees all day with almost no wind…and about 1,000,000,000 very friendly flys, gnats and assorted bugs. The early morning view was spectacular: very dense fog hung over the whole 360 degree view, with only the rock outcropping of Huff’s Hole and other peaks peeking up through the cottony clouds.
Bye ’til next week,