Friday, March 21, 2003

Hi Notes

Wednesday, March 19, 2003 was spent ‘observing’ one intrepid lady
Condor! I picked up the signal from just one bird, but was able to
follow her from the Ventana Wilderness area, through Atascadero, and
all the way to Hopper Mt. I tried my best to find her with my
binoculars, but could only make out a group of about 6 Turkey
Vultures in the direction of the signals I was receiving from Condor
W231. I talked to Joe Burnette at the Ventana field station and he
said W231 is a young bird (I’m guessing recently released this
winter). W231 was one of four Condors that I tracked 3 weeks ago,
making the same trip. Don’t know why she was alone this time around,
but I say ‘You Go, Girl!’
Despite our efforts to keep the rain out of the lookout, it managed
to get in past our Duct taped doors. So in addition to wielding an
antenna and Telonix receiver, I did duty with a good old mop and
rags. It must have been quite a storm: there were three rock, mud and
shrub slides on the road up to the lookout, but they only came across
half of the road and were not a problem.
The flowers are still blooming and it is a beautiful drive up to the
Top ‘o The Mountain!