Thursday, March 27, 2003

Hi Notes

Yesterday, Wed. March 26, 2003, was a slow day for Condor
tracking…there were no signals all day. The most memorable bird
sighting for the day was a Belted Kinfisher on a telephone wire just
south of the Las Pilitas turn off on Santa Margarita Lake road.
For any of you who are thinking of driving up to the lookout you will
be pleased to know that the road has been expertly graded by the
Forest Service and is as smooth as glass now (well…it IS a dirt
road on the side of a mountain made of boulders…but it is a VAST
Upon opening the visitor’s center door at the lookout, I was amazed
to find a beautiful metal sculture of a Condor! It has about a five
foot wing span and is curved just like a bird in flight. It has
chains attached to the tops of it’s wings in order to hang it. There
is also a metal sign that will be placed at the gate leading to the
lookout. I met Mike Tyner (Cal Poly student) on his way up to the
lookout as I was driving down. He said a friend of his created these
metal marvels.
There were six visitors to the lookout Wed.: 4 Cuesta students and 2
Forest Service employees from Arroyo Grande.
That’s all for this week.