Monday, December 9, 2002

Observations from Hi Mountain

Notes from ‘On Hi’:
I drove up to the lookout to check for any rain damage Sat Dec 7.
There had been very little rain, so all was well. I picked up signals
from the following Condors that evening (all in Atascadero):
B170 (male), Y192 (female), OR209 (male), and B168 (male). I arrived
at the lookout at 3:30 PM, so only tracked them for a couple of
hours. I stayed overnight, along with a Cal Poly student, Austin, who
was doing some biology studies on Hi Mountain.
I began monitoring early Sunday morning, intending to leave by 10:00
AM…however!…I was picking up so many birds, I couldn’t leave! The
following are the ‘early birds’ that I picked up all day (in
B170 (male), Y192 (female), B168 (male). They didn’t become active
until late morning, probably because it was so foggy.
The following are the late arrivals that I began getting signals for
around noon:
B167 (female), Y194 (female), OR209 (male).
That’s a total of 6 Condors in one day, the most I’ve ever gotten.
Two of them are birds I’ve never picked up before: B167 & B168.
Other highlights of the trip: A Northern Harrier, two Red Tailed
Hawks perched in the Cypress tree across from the lookout, and a
couple of Calif. Thrashers serenading early Sunday morning. And…2
mountain bikers and 3 hikers Sat. evening.
This is my first message posting…hope it worked!
Kathleen Intorf