Monday, September 23, 2002

Still more Atascadero Condors

Hi all,

It was a busy weekend for California Condors in SLO, with at least 5 confirmed sightings that I know of since friday. A few of the Hopper birds have been hanging around the Castle Crags/Queen Bee area and have been seen by Gretchen/ USFWS (since Neil’s reported sighting of B-155 and Y-213) over the Carrizo Plain and La Panza and Machesna wilderness areas.

Seems that a few of the Ventana birds have taken a liking to Atascadero of late. After several cell calls and some dilligent searching, Nick Todd (a true condor crusader) was able to get visuals on Y-194 in the vicinity of 41E and the Salinas river bridge this afternoon around 1310. He watched as the bird perched in a foothill pine just above some major road consruction. As of late this evening, Y-194, Y-190, and Y-192 were still perched somewhere in the vicinity of Atascadero.

If you’re in the north county tomorrow, please pay some extra attention to
those kettles of TV’s. You just might see N. America’s largest bird.

Paul Andreano