Saturday, September 28, 2002

28-Sept-2002 Field Notes

The thickest, most dense shroud of fog has engulfed and drenched the Lookout. Gusty winds to 20mph and visibility to less than 6′ at times. It is drizzling and muddy, I’m discovering many leaks and drafts in the Lokout today, which should help us get her ready for winter. Have heard that the fog stops about a mile down the mountain. Radio telemetry in this kind of fog is surreal, like doing it with your eyes closed. I had some strong signals from Or-212 and Y-192 beginning at 0950 at 320ºNW. By 1130, B-170 was also strong at 320ºNW, where the three birds remained until 1330 when I lost them altogether. Hard to think what they do on a foggy day like this. I wonder if they stay below it or way above? I had signals in and out from B-155 between 100ºE and 120ºSE intermittantly throughout the morning. She semed to be fairly localaized in that area until I losther around 1310. I wonder why she is so attracted to Lion canyon, the Calientes,and the La Panzas right now, when she has a nest to attend to in Southern California? Fog perseveered all day with no breaks. Lookout is soaked and dripping as I turn on the heater and zip up my bag for the first time this summer…. -Paul Andreano