Sunday, September 22, 2002

22-Sept-2002 Field Notes

Windy and HOT on the mountain today, with temps in the mid 80’s by 0900! Gusty winds to 30mph. Began tracking at 0730, and Y-190 and Or-212 were still strong and consistent at 280º NW. They had certainly overnighted on the back of the Cuesta ridge. By 1041 they were up and moving around and Y-194 had apparently joined them. About that time I started picking up a strong, soaring signal from Y-213 out over the Castle Crags area. Safe to say he overnighted in SLO county las well. I continued to get strong signals from Or-212 and Y-190, gradually moving north west all day long. They were joined (between 1157 and 1616) by Or-209, who seemed to have come down late and return north a bit earlier), and Y-192 who remained to my distant NW. At times I lost Y-190 altogether for several minutes or an hour. I felt like the bird was perching down behind and obstruction or possibly down on the ground betwen 1323 and 1400 and between 1415 and 1600. R-112 and R-111 were apparently very close to the Lookout between 1125and 1333. I had strong, broad signals for these two near Machesna, directly out over Piney Ridge from the Lookout at that time. They seemed to be moving north for a few moments, then turned south where I lost them at 1616 (at120º SE). Between 1530 and 1759 I got moderate and inconsistent signals from B-155 at 60º N, still out near Castle Crags. Y-125 was also apparently off in that same direction, and I had intermittant signals from him between 360º N and 60º N from 1718 to1800. By1800, Or-212 broken off from the rest of the Ventana birds and was at 100ºE. The rest of the Ventana birds were still to my distant NW. B-155 andY-125 were both still moderate and inconsistent toward Castle Crags. -Paul Andreano