Saturday, September 21, 2002

21-Sept-2002 Field Notes

Woke up early to 25+mph winds and clear skys. Lots of action around the Lookout today, as the Cal Poly field crew is staying the weekend working on surveys. First signals were at 0856 when I picked up Or-212 very strong to my immediate north (just off Black Mt.). She stayed on or near Black Mt until 1040, when it seemed like she was heading north west again, toward Creston. At 1040 I also began picking up B-155, weak and inconsistent,at 60ºN. She was sitll out near Castle Crags or on the La Panza somewhere.This bird sure has been spending alot of time away from her nest in So Cal. At 1150 I got one set of signals from Y-213 at 45ºN, just south of the Pozo Summit. By 1200, Or-212 had moved into the distant NW and her signal had become faint. For the remainder of the day (until 1740) I had signals for B-155 near 60º N/NE and for Or-212 near 320ºNW. B-155’s signal vascilated between conststent and inconsistent, sometimes very strong, while Or-212’s signals remained weak and consistent. Ventana intern David Harpe joined me at the Lookout at 2100. He was out mobile tracking, hoping to locate 212, 190, and 209. We made plans to drive over toward Castle Crags early the next morning. -Paul Andreano