Monday, September 2, 2002

2-Sept-2002 Field Notes

Another hot and sultry day on the Lookout. Visibility diminished since yesterday and wind only in light gusts. Strong and consistent signals from B-167, Y-190, B-164, B-161, B-171, and Or-212 to my NW all day long. Again,it felt like they were out over Shandon. Somewhere around 1600, B-164 began moving RAPIDLY down the La Panzas. Between 1600 and 1720, this bird had moved from 320° NW to 120° SE. I lost him for several min along the Machesna Wilderness, picking him up again near Branch Mt. Looks like he snuck south along the back of the La Panzas. I’m not sure how far 164 flew in that short time, but I’m sure he was really movin’. Interesting that the rest of the Ventana birds remained to the NW, and I wonder just what spurs a bird like 164 to suddenly head off to So Cal. - Paul Andreano