Monday, September 16, 2002

16-Sept-2002 Field Notes

Awoke to fog as far as the eye could see to every direction but SW. A thick blanket of fog rested below winds gusting to 30 mph and the view was breathtaking. By 1030 the fog had surrendered to the winds, reforming itself as a coastal marine layer. First signals were at 1024, and I had a good strong one from Y-213 out over Machesna. Y-194 was likely out on the Santa Lucias again,giving strong signals at 280° W. Or-209, Y-190, and Or-212 sounded far off to the NW, yet I had some close sounding signals from Y-194. Signals for Y-213 lasted until 1145 and seemed centered around 100° E for most of the time. The Ventana birds remained to my N and NW, often giving clear,soaring signals out over Shandon, Chalome, Creston, and ?????, Again, I had signals from Y-194 that seemed to jump back and forth across the Santa Margarita valley, often getting very strong to my W. As the sun heaved into the ocean,I still had some faint signals for Y-190, Y-194, Or-212,and Or-209, likely just E of Cone Pk. -Paul Andreano