Saturday, August 10, 2002

10-Aug-2002 Field Notes

Got good signals from a group of three Ventana birds moving north today. B-168,Y-194, and Or-208 stayed close together as I tracked them from 120°SEto 320° NW. I had signals for a good 5 hrs, from 1254 to 1759, and I’m guessing that they could easily make a Ventana to Sespe trip in that time. Still no visuals since the last, but I am getting very strong signals along the La Panza range. I had been expecting to see the birds soaring high above this ridge line. It seems, though, that they prefer to soar below the ridge, maybe working thermals off the extensive canyons on the south facing slopes. Was getting weak signals for Or-208 until the evening(1827), possibly off of Cone Peak. - Paul Andreano