Monday, July 29, 2002

29-July-2002 Field Notes

The morning began at 1000 with strong signals from Y-192 and Y-190 at appx86° NE. By 1010, I was also picking up a weak signal from Or-212 at 320° NW (in the vacinity of Cone Peak by my strained-eye estimation). By about 1100, I was getting very strong and consistent signals from Y-192,Y-190, and B-167, all of which were moving steadily north and seemingly close. Signal strengths and compass bearings indicated that these birds were moving along Garcia Ridge or the La Panza Mtns. By 1134 I began picking up faint signals for Or-208, Or- 212, and B-171, all in the same vacinity (appx 320°NW). At 1145 I SAW MY FIRST CONDORS FROM THE LOOKOUT! A group of three soaring birds appeared at the base of Black Mt., moving rapidly NW along the tip of the La Panzas, on the Pozo side. Though too far away to read tag numbers, I was able to positively identify B-167 by watching her movements and listening carefully to my Telonix. Needless to say, I was excited. Within in minutes, the birds were lost in the haze, north in the general direction of Creston. By 1440, I still had signals for Y-192, B-167, B-171,and Or-212 in the Cone Peak neighborhood. -PDA